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Loan Remedy took all the stress out of buying a house. Day or night I was able to reach out with any questions and they would answer them!

Zach made our refinancing process so easy and fast. He was available 24/7 for questions and or updates. Even with a couple of hickups I was kept very informed. I will definitely recommend everyone looking to refinance to loan remedy.

Zach Coombs with loan remedy was awesome to work with. My wife and I had to switch lenders just 2 weeks before our estimated close date and not only did Zach get us a much lower rate, but was also able to get all the paperwork done before the due diligence period had expired.

Hands down the best experience I have had with a Loan Officer. They provided me with many options, while being creative and realistic in the process. If you are looking for a Loan Officer that has your best interest in mind.


Fast Financing with the Finest
Service – From Start to Finish!

You want to buy a new home, and accuracy and speed are of the essence. We get it. Loan Remedy uses cutting edge technology to get your loan commitment as fast as possible. Our loan application and approval process is painless, pleasant, and precise. Here’s what you can expect:

Step 1
We Have a Chat

We’ll meet and have a discussion. A loan officer will consult with you on your credit, manage expectations, and go over in detail what your available financing options are based on your situation and needs. We'll then help you pick your perfect match loan, including the loan program and interest rate, that is ideal for your family.

Step 2
Apply for Your Loan

We move full speed ahead with your application, which includes gathering as much information as possible upfront. We’ll then inform you what additional documents are needed, including tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements, and employment history.

Step 3
Appraisal and Underwriting Submission

After we receive the requested documents from you, we’ll promptly order an appraisal, title insurance, tax transcripts, verify your employment, and gather other documents needed for closing. One of our loan processors reviews the paperwork to "pre-underwrite" your loan, then it’s submitted for underwriting. Our underwriters rapidly, but thoroughly, access your loan to have it released within hours.

Step 4
Conditional Approval and Loan Commitment

This is the step when you can breathe a sigh of relief. Your loan has been approved, but it comes with conditions that must be met before it can close. You’ll receive your loan commitment subject to these conditions, which your loan officer will work with you to address and resolve.

Step 5
Outstanding Documents Submitted for Closing

We’ll gather your additional documents noted in the conditional approval, as well as the third-party paperwork we ordered on your behalf. We then submit it all to the underwriter for "clear to close" on your loan.

Step 6
Underwriter Sign Off

The underwriter reviews your loan, affirms that all conditions have been met, and signs off on approval. Now your loan is officially ready to close!

Step 7

Congratulations! You’re about to become a homeowner. We’ll schedule your closing, work with the closing attorney to assemble the final paperwork, and confirm the total funds needed at the closing table. The last step is receiving the keys to your new home!

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