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Loan Remedy operates as an Equal Housing Lender, which means our practices are aligned with Federal Fair Lending Laws. The Federal Trade Commission ensures our compliance with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, which means we do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, nationality, sex, martial status, age, or public assistance in any of our business dealings as mandated by federal law, provided that customers can legally enter into a contract.

Licensing disclosure
Loan Remedy is a licensed mortgage broker that operates in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Michigan, Texas, Oregon and Utah. As a brokerage, we act as an intermediary between customers and financial institutions, helping our clients compare lenders and products in order to match them to the one that best suits their needs. Loan Remedy is not a direct lender or an underwriter; we do not make credit decisions or service loans.

Below is a list of the states in which we are licensed to render our services and the associated license numbers:



Arizona – Mortgage Broker License (# 1026531)


CA DFPI – Finance Lenders Law License (# 60DFPI-123500)


Colorado – Mortgage Company Registration with the Colorado Division of Real Estate


Florida – Mortgage Broker License (# MBR3927)


Georgia – Mortgage Broker/Processor License/Registration (# 1827478)


Idaho – Mortgage Broker/Lender License (# MBL-2081827478)


Michigan – 1st Mortgage Broker License (# FL0025635)


Texas SML – Mortgage Company License


Oregon – Mortgage Lending License (# 1827478)


Utah DRE – Mortgage Entity License (# 11066800)

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