loan remedy

A pain-free lending partnership for agents.

As an agent, you look for compliant lending partners who can communicate effectively, provide a variety of affordable product offerings, fit in with your culture, and demonstrate a strong track record of closing on time. You deserve a pain-free lending experience just as much as your clients do. Loan Remedy is just what the doctor ordered to keep your client relationship strong and healthy. See how partnering with our brokerage can address all these pain points and help you secure loans for your clients more strategically than ever before.

Partner with us to help your clients love their mortgage.

As mortgage brokers, we can help close loans in a fraction of the time by seeing which lender has the fastest turnaround times and ensuring your client has funding by the closing date.

We streamline slow and manual processes with revolutionary technology that makes communication seamless and allows buyers to track their loan through the process.

As mortgage brokers, we aren’t tied to a specific lender, so your client isn’t, either. Shop options with us to find ideal products and rates for your buyer so they get the lowest monthly payments.

Loan Remedy expedites the mortgage loan process. Faster turnaround times mean faster payouts for agents, which means you’ll see the fruits of your labors sooner when you work with us instead of a traditional lender.

We’re on call around the clock, so you can get a hold of us more easily and reduce wait times for your client to give them the very best homebuying experience.

Agents everywhere are taking notice.

They responded to me after hours and on the weekend, which was a first for me. Overall, a great experience and I will definitely use again in the future.


Salt Lake City, UT

Great communication. Easy application process. Very smooth overall.


Salt Lake City, UT

I could not ask for better customer service. I have purchased numerous homes, but I appreciated the meticulousness work ethic provided.


Salt Lake City, UT

My experience with Loan Remedy was beyond stellar. They were fast and easy to work with.


Salt Lake City, UT

Partner with us to find the right fit for every client.

At Loan Remedy, we know how much of an impact your lending partner has on your reputation and overall business success. That’s why we make it our goal to be easy, personable, and flexible to work with. One of our goals as your partner is to help you generate more leads, find the best loans for each client, and close sooner. This fruitful partnership will help you build a network of happy customers that yields referrals and elevates your business to the next level.

Don’t limit yourself to one bank or lending institution. Let us help you find the right fit for each client for your long-term real estate success.