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New home loans in St. George

At Loan Remedy, our St. George new construction loans help you build your dream home without the stress that comes with it. We help you get a hold of exceptional interest rates and flexible terms so that you can focus on building a home that will last for generations to come. If you’re in the midst of building a new home in St. George, it’s important to work with a lender that can save you the most money possible — both in the short-term and the long-term — and that’s exactly what Loan Remedy can do. Whether you’re working with a contractor or building your own home as an owner-builder, Loan Remedy has you covered. Our team can help you through a seamless transition between construction and closing so that you can keep your eye on the prize all the way through. Apply for a St. George construction loan now to lock in the best rates available!

How new construction loans work

Unlike mortgage loans, St. George owner-builder loans and new construction loans aren’t standardized because lenders like to get an idea of the planned construction before jumping into anything. When mapping out the construction schedule, you’ll loop in the lender so they can decide on rates and pricing based on several different factors. Once everything is determined, you’ll make interest-only payments during the stretch of construction. For owners and contractors that already own the property, the land ownership can be considered as equity on the construction loan. St. George new construction loans aren’t usually designed to be around for a long time like standard mortgage loans. However, many homeowners use construction-to-permanent financing programs where the initial loan is later converted into a standard mortgage loan after the certificate of occupancy is issued. This simplifies the process because you’ll only have one application and one closing.

Make your dream a reality with Loan Remedy

Whether you’re trying to carve out some much needed space for a growing family, you’ve finally decided to build your dream home, or you’re simply looking for a place to vacation, Loan Remedy is here to help you make it happen with St. George construction loans. St. George new construction loans take a lot of stress out of building a new home — especially if you’re working with a lender that knows their stuff. When you process your St. George owner-builder loan through Loan Remedy, you’ll be working with some of the most capable lending experts in Utah, making it easy for you to stay focused on building your dream home. Be sure to consult with our lending experts to see your available options for new home loans in St. George, Utah.

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